Friday, February 21, 2014

A developing #CBJ hidden gem

These days, #CBJ fans have so much to look forward to.  New management is firmly in place. Chemistry is getting better by the day. With all the good that is happening, there is something else going on that is very good, but it is not getting a lot of attention.  It is none other than our coach, Todd Richards.

Why am I bringing him up, now?  Well, where has he been recently?  Unless you are living under a rock (and if you are, you need to see us for emergency therapy), you know he is on the US coaching staff.  Think of all the experiences he is getting now as a result of being over there.  These experiences will all be brought back to Columbus when he returns.  Combine that, with the fact that he is used to being in a winning culture (in Pens organization), and you're starting to see what I'm offering up here.

Because of where he is coaching, Richards doesn't get a lot of pub.  But what he is doing with this team is no accident.  Remember, he took over when the Jackets relieved Scott Arniel of his duties early in 2012. This was after he was let go from Minnesota after nearly taking them to the playoffs.  He has seen both highs and lows.  This breadth of experience will work wonders in the continuing development of this team.

Just imagine what Richards gets to see as being part of this coaching staff in Sochi.  In conversations with other coaches, players, in seeing how the games unfold, in preparing for the games, Richards will now be able to share all of these experiences with the #CBJ players.  He has written blogs about his Sochi experiences.  Richards is going to comeback to us as a better coach than when he left.

This is great news for all of us fans.  To know that we have a hidden gem of a coach that is being developed to bring consistent winning to Columbus, is something that we all can #drink! too.  

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