Friday, February 28, 2014

A very unpredictable trade deadline forthcoming

Disclaimer: As with anything in regards to the trade deadline, keep in mind that rumors are nothing more than just that, rumors.  With that in mind, we will examine names brought up in trade talks, and what could happen.  Feel free to join us.  We are on Twitter @cbjtherapy.  We are also in the midst of building a Facebook page too.

This coming Wednesday should be deemed a national holiday.  It's the one day of the year that hockey fans everywhere look forward to more than most.  The Trade Deadline.  It's a day that we all get excited about as fans.  We are going to attempt to go through some obvious names, and maybe some not so obvious ones, that could be moved.  We will also try to pinpoint what teams would make sense to make these moves.  Here we go...

Thomas Vanek: Here is an example of an obvious name.  He has already been traded once.  He has turned down a huge extension to stay with the Islanders.  He wants to be in Minnesota.  Will he though?  It's possible yes, but only if the Wild want to sign him.  Remember the Parise and Suter deals?  Yeah, almost $200 million between them over the course of the contracts.  If this were to only be a rental, would the Wild make the deal?  I say no.  Think of what Garth Snow would ask for in return! (He already "gave away" Matt Moulson.) Vanek would make an instant impact for someone.  Chances are he ends up in the Western Conference if he is dealt.  He is a UFA on July 1.  The conditions are right for trade, but will someone be willing to pay the high price?  To me, the Wild and Kings make the most sense here.  I think the Kings would pursue Moulson first, but they'll look at all possibilities.

Ryan Callahan/Dan Girardi: Here is obvious names 2 & 3.  The contract talks have seemed to fizzle out.  Callahan wants 7 years and around 7 million/season. His name has also been brought up in the Marty St Louis discussion.  The Rangers do want him back, but not at that price. Girardi is in a similar situation.  Let's think this one through.  If you are Glen Sather, what don't you want to happen?  You don't want to lose either or both for nothing over the summer.  So what options do you have then?  You could try to keep them for a playoff run.  That comes with risk though.  Yes, you do buy more time for contract talks.  But at the same time, the trade value goes down dramatically when you have pending UFAs.  Don't really think you can do that.  You could of course resign them.  But if they are as far apart as it is being reported, then that's out.  That leaves trading them pre-deadline.  This decision by Sather will be one of the biggest decisions I think he has ever had to make.  This sets up the Rangers for years either positively or negatively depending on what happens.  This is definitely worth watching.  Girardi probably ends up in California if dealt (Sharks, Ducks, have heard Boston also). Callahan to Tampa of course is the dominant talk.  I personally think he would be a perfect fit for the Kings.

Ryan Miller/Cam Ward/Marty Brodeur: Anyone remember a time in which so many goalies were rumored to be available?  I can't.  But they can be very hard to move.  The problem now is that with so many available, you can't get as much back.  Buyers are happy with that development.  That gives them more negotiating power.  So do any of them move.  Miller will be gone.  Sabres from what I've heard have come to the conclusion that they won't resign him.  Plus GM Tim Miller is "open for business" with the ENTIRE roster.  West contenders in need of a goalie are Minnesota and St Louis.  I've even heard Anaheim (apparently, Hiller is not favorably looked at out there). I think Brodeur is gone too.  Minnesota would be logical, with Parise already there.  I just heard today that Cam Ward's name was out there, along with the other Carolina goalies.  Ward is in the prime of his career.  Remember he was a baby of sorts when Carolina won the cup.  Now the issue is that Khudobin and Peters are there, which creates a logjam.  Ward has 2 years left at about 6.3 million per.  Does a team want to take that one?  In addition, both Peters and Khudobin are UFA's.  Rutherford will have an interesting decision to make here.

And we will address a fan question, since most fans are asking the same thing.

The question comes from @Its_Just_Wayne on Twitter: Do the #CBJ make a move by the deadline? If so, who do they target?

Great (and very popular question): I do think they make a move, yes.  If you watched last nights game, it should be plainly obvious which gaping hole needs to be filled.  That, my friends, is a defenseman.  I have a name of someone that #CBJ should go after.  It makes sense now, and it makes sense for the next 5 or so years too.  He is a UFA upcoming, he is in the midst of a career year, and he is only a $550,000 cap hit.  His name, Andrew MacDonald of the Islanders.  He is 27, the prime of his career to come, and I don't think the Isles can afford the money he could get in free agency.  #CBJ needs this kind of move to show how serious they are, not only addressing a need this year, but for years to come.  He is -16 this year, but that's more a reflection on the Islanders this year than anything else.  He plays over 20 minutes a night, and is steady.  #CBJ needs steady, you know what I mean?  They'll listen to offers (especially on Gaborik), but defense needs addressed.

Alright, that's all for now.  Many more names are out there, Kesler, Ott, Cammalleri, Chris Phillips (another name #CBJ should look at, but would be more expensive than MacDonald.) Enjoy the ride, it's gonna be bumpy and fun!!

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